There was a wolf called Wilson
Who couldn't count to ten
He wouldn't learn to write his name
He never used a pen

He didn't know his ABCs
He couldn't paint or cook
He wouldn't learn his two plus twos
He NEVER read a book!

Whiffy Wilson does NOT want to go to school. But why? Surely he's not scared because a wolf is brave and strong... he's just worried that the teacher might be cross if he gets the answer wrong.

Luckily, no-nonsense Dotty is on hand to show Wilson what to do and how to have fun at school. Soon Wilson has made friends and has even earned a golden star. He can't wait to come back tomorrow.
Activities and Downloads
For this book, I teamed up with the incredible Zoe Toft from Playing by the Book to bring you some brilliant Whiffy and Dotty themed activities that fit perfectly with the book. Visit my Activities and Downloads page to get started!

The Bookseller
Very funny, and Whiffy is adorable

A delightful rhyming story filled with charming characters, sure to be enjoyed time and time again
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Missus B's Picture Book Reviews via Goodreads
Chirpy rhyming text, wonderful illustrations and an adorable little wolf...I love this book!
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And on the blog: My little listeners loved the fact that it's catchy beat allowed them to join in almost spontaneously.
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Gary, via Goodreads
This book is really good for storytelling! Loved the rhyming sequences! Brilliant.
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