The minute I wake up, I know something is different,
but I can’t quite figure out what.
It's probably nothing....

...or IS it??

Imagine going to a supermarket where the shelves are packed with animals instead of cornflakes and soap powder!

Meet Albie, and hear all about the most bizarre shopping trip in the world!

Ed Eaves provides the illustrations for this colourful, wild and whacky picture book.

Armadillo Magazine
A zany fantasy shopping trip framed in a real world setting makes this a gem for shared reading. A jolly book, cheerfully illustrated and packed with bags of fun. Caryl Hart and Ed Eaves have produced a winner here. Will the supermarket slog ever feel quite the same again?
Armadillo Magazine

by luke-from-sudbury
My little boy picked this book himself, he loves animals and the front cover grabbed his attention. The story is great fun, the supermarket is full of animals to buy. We loved reading it, its so much fun seeing all the things they buy. Especially what they get at the end. We now keep getting asked if we can go there. Would recommend this book to everyone.
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by Mrsmape
My son absolutely loved this story. Like Albie my son also hates shopping but this book encouraged my son to use his imagination and play a game when we go shopping. This book is great for counting. A firm bedtime favourite
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Gareth Wilson - Falcata Times via Amazon
Any young child who see's this will be enchanted by this book... A great offering and one that will remain a firm favourite.

S. Hurrell via Amazon
The idea of taking something that small children dislike and making it fun worked really well and can't wait for any others by the same author / illustrator.

S.Riaz via Amazon
Small children and supermarkets are often not a great combination. Yet, this is a supermarket with a difference - instead of groceries, you buy animals. Quite a good idea, very colourful and lots of fun.

My Child Website
My kids loved it. It's very bright and colourful, they made all the animal noises and my daughter could count the animals from the shopping list, and found the story very funny it was definitely a hit with them.

Activites and Downloads
Are you a little monkey? You can make a fabulous monkey mask

Or have a go at making own whacky shopping list or packages to put in a pretend shop!

There's loads to do over in Activities and Downloads. What are you waiting for?!

South African Supermarket Zoo
Supermarket Zoo is now published in Afrikaans in South Africa! Albie has all the same adventures, but he's changed his name! In South Africa he is called Philip!