There was a wolf called Wilson
Who never brushed his hair
He never washed his paws or face
Or changed his underwear!

His fur was full of beasties
He had fungus on his toes
He ate his dinner with his paws
And wipied them on his clothes!

Whiffy Wilson isn't keen on clean. He only has time for grime!
So will anyone be able to persuade him to change his grubby ways for something less stinky? Let's hope so!

These wonderful grimy-but-great illustrations are by Leonie Lord, the hugely talented illustrator of Dirty Great Dinosaur, which was written by Martin Waddell.
Whiffy on Telly!
Whiffy Wilson has made his first television appearance!

Thanks to the wonderful team at Bookaboo, Canadian Actor Zaib Shaikh put in a fantastic performance with the famous book-loving pooch, reading a cleverly animated version of the book.

You can watch it here until 27 July

A story a day or I just can't play!!
Listen to Max reading with his daddy
I stumbled across this delightful recording on Twitter recently. It's of 4 year old Max reading Whiffy Wilson with his daddy. Do have a listen!

Max Reading Whiffy Wilson
FAVOURITE BOOK in the preschool category, Lancashire Share a Story Awards
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Whiffy Wilson appeared on the cover of Red House Magazine in May 2012!

The Bookseller
"This rollicking read-aloud is full of fun, but conveys a serious message for children reluctant to wash themselves, about keeping clean, and the difference between good dirt and bad dirt."
"A romp of a picture book that conceals a serious message."

The Guardian
Top 10 Worriers in Children's Literature
"This is one of my favourite books. It is about a Wolf who is scared of baths. I read it to my stinky children a lot. It is a rhyming story, skilfully written and with superb illustrations."
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A fantastically funny verse from the brilliant Caryl Hart, with grubby-but-great illustrations from the hugely talented illustrator of The Dirty Great Dinosaur.
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The Bookbag
This is one of those wonderful picture books that as soon as you pick it up you know it's going to be good, and that it will work well with teeny tots as well as those in the early years at school. The story is fun, and has plenty of disgusting bits about Wilson's fungus between his toes, his nose picking, or his earwax to keep little ones laughing! The whole story is written in rhyme which also gives the book a lovely fun feel.
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Mrs Capricorn via Amazon
"Outstanding Children's Book-Hope there'll be a follow-up!"
"If you're looking for a great kid's story which they keep asking to read again and again you can't do better than this one."

ManicOrlando1908 via Amazon
"Hilarious... my Year 1 class loved it!" "This book is brilliant. I read it to my Year 1 class today and they totally loved it... as did I. The story is hilarious, it's rhyming and the illustrations are great. Therefore, the children laughed, enjoyed predicting the next rhyming word and looking at and discussing the pictures - Brilliant!"

Dulwich Books Review
When I started Storytime sessions at Dulwich Books in April I really wanted the first session to go well, so thank you Caryl Hart and Leonie Lord for the glorious Whiffy Wilson! The yucky, smelly but loveable wolf who wouldn’t wash has become a Storytime favourite. Whiffy’s transformation from stinky to fragrant always raises giggles (especially at the page-turning moment when you think the next word might be a little bit naughty - it isn’t).
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