In this exciting follow up to Supermarket Zoo, Albie helps his mum in the garden by planting some seeds. But the next morning, he can't quite believe his eyes! Not only has he grown a pre-historic forest, he's also grown some rather scary DINOSAURS too!

Ed Eaves has proved once again what a stunning illustrator he is in this vibrant, funny book for younger readers.

WINNER of the Stockport Schools Book Award 2012
WINNER of the Oldham Schools Book Award 2012

The Bookseller
"A pre-school crowd-pleaser with dinosaur battle to boot!"

by TCR75
"This is currently Leo's favourite bedtime story and he wants to read it every night! We have several of the books starring Albie and they are all firm favourites!"
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Child Care Magazine
The story provides lots of opportunity for open-ended discussion with beautiful clear illustrations, and a chance for the child to really "participate" in the story. We really enjoyed this story - I read it to a group of three children aged three. By the time we had read it three times, the children knew exactly where to roar! The choice of a back garden for developing children's sense of curiosity was just wonderful, as was the theme of "planting"... The clear and colourful illustrations by Ed Eaves hit every spot for a child's imagination, and by the end of the story, one of my little boys asked: "Can we plant seeds like Albie did?" Susan Smith.

Junior Magazine
"Each page is chock-full of action-packed pictures in this fun adventure."

Parents in Touch via Amazon
What an intriguing back cover to the book - 'Take one packet of dinosaur seeds...' How can anyone resist reading on to find out what happens? Albie is helping Mum in the garden and it all seems very boring - but when he wakes up next morning the garden has turned into a jungle. And that's not all - it's full of dinosaurs! A wonderful adventure in brilliant colour. The illustrations by Edward Eaves are really eye-catching and complement the excitement of the story excellently. A worthy successor to Supermarket Zoo.

A colourful, funny follow-up to Supermarket Zoo

Belgo via Amazon
This review is from: How to Grow a Dinosaur (Paperback)
My 3 year old is dinosaur crazy, and although we've only had it for a week this book is already proving to be a big hit. The illustrations are wonderful and the text hits all the right notes - reading aloud it's fun to have lots of "arrghhs!" and "woahhhhs!" and my son seems to adore the sense of adventure in the otherwise ordinary environment of a back garden. The fact that at bedtime he keeps asking for "Albie" is as big an endorsement as there is in our house.

Thoroughly recommended for all dinosaur-crazy 2-5 year olds.

The School Run
"How to Grow a Dinosaur" is a fun book to read together and one I would have no hesitation in recommending for boys and girls aged three to five.

**** Very Good

Mr and Mrs Reeve, Nottinghamshire
A brilliant book. My son oliver has turned 3. He's a really huge dinosaur fan, he has other books but this is by far his favourite, he even finishes almost every page before my husband has finished it. He walks round the garden pretending to be a dinosaur shouting Albie!!!!! Thank you for writing a classic book that we both remember for years to come.
Activities and Downloads
Fancy making a Dino-chomper?
How about creating your own fantasy seed packets?
Or a T-Rex mask?

Go to Activities and Downloads for some truly pre-historic activities!!
How to Grow a Dinosaur in Turkish
If you come from Turkey, you might like to look at a How to Grow a Dinosaur in turkish! Albie has all the same adventures, only he has changed his name to Baybars!!