Do your briefs give you grief in the morning?
Do your knickers get tied up in knots?
Are you forced to wear tight itchy brown ones?
Or long floppy grey ones with spots?

Mum tells me to change my pants daily
But I can't decide which ones to choose
But Kate says, "Oh Fred, getting dressed isn't hard,
We'll soon sort your pants, clothes and shoes!"

If your pants drive you potty and getting dressed is a disaster, then this book is for you!
Illustrated beautifully by the amazing Leigh Hodgkinson this book will be a favourite for years to come!

Published by Orchard Children's Books
The Bookseller
"One of my read-aloud highlights of the year. Getting dressed becomes a riotous adventure throught a fabulous rhyming text and suitably chaotic illustrations."

Also in the bookseller:
"Hart is a rising picture book star, and I particularly like her work with Hodgkinson: the cheeky, witty rhymes and stylish illustration are a perfect fit. This is brilliaint to read alout, tackling the tricky toddler topic of getting dressed." March 2011

"With its colourful characters set amongst ebullient scenes of underwear mayhem, be prepared for non-stop chortling and some inevitable copycat behaviour."

The Bookbag
"A gem of a book. I would buy this book, put it on my son's bookcase and look forward to each and every time we read it together in the future, because I'm sure there will be many!" Read full review

We Love This Book
"Small readers can never resist the allure of a book all about pants, and this is wonderfully silly stuff, combining Hart's Dr Seuss-style rhymes with Hodgkinson's glorious kaleidoscopic illustrations."
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Junior Magazine
"A silly, lively tale to encourage those children who haven't yet learned how to dress themselves."

SA Hartley, Southampton via Amazon
"Great Fun. I bought this book for my 4 year old Grandson. I do not know who loves reading it most - him or me? J finds it laugh out loud funny so I really enjoy reading it to him. The story's absurdities are completely in tune with a young child's sense of the ridiculous. Wonderful."
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Tin Lizzy via Amazon
"Small boy's delight. I bought this for my great nephew's birthday. He is five. His father tells me that they have read it six times already, so I think that says it all! Small boys love anything to do with underpants. I know he and his sister still read Aliens Stole my Underpants, and this book is in that same humourous vein."
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Daily Mail
"Persuading small boys to get dressed should become easier after reading this wildly imaginative exploration of all things knickerish. Loads of madness and mayhem from the beam behind Don't Dip Your Chips in Your Drink, Kate! Guaranteed to have little ones running around with their pants on their heads. Huge fun." Sept 2011
Pants-tastic Activities
Fred needs some help getting dressed! Can you cut him and his clothes out and put them in the right places?

There's also some great colouring-in and crown making to do, so race over to Activities and Downloads for some Pants-tastic sticky gluey things to do!!