Albie is at it again! He's gone and landed himself another cracking adventure.

This time his morning is turned upside down as he jets off to Alien School! Join Albie as he makes intergalactic friends, enjoys space-ghetti it the school canteen and learns to ride a space scooter. School has never been so much fun!

Ed Eaves has created some wonderfully fantastical friends for Albie in this space-tastic adventure for younger readers

Image copyright Federatino of Children's Book Groups
Image copyright Federatino of Children's Book Groups
Welcome to Alien School was one of four picture books SHORTLISTED for the Red House Children's Book Award 2013 The awards, organised by the Federation of Children's Book Groups, are the only national awards voted for by children, and I am very proud that Welcome to Alien School was selected as one of their top favourite books!

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Overdue Books Blog
This is an enjoyable read making us laugh out loud and wishing we too had paints that made pictures come alive. The real charm of this story for me however is how, like the other Albie books, it provides Bryn with lots of scope of weaving the story into his play.
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Scholastic Book Club
I rate this book 10/10 because its really funny and there was really silly pictures like alienghetti!
Charlie, age 6
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Excellent kiddies' book by Trev. Via Amazon
My son absolutely adores the first two 'Albie' books, so this was something of a compulsory purchase for our household. He knows the first two almost off by heart (he's 3), and 'reads' them out loud even though he can't yet actually read. This is a brilliant third installment in the series.
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Nayu's Book Corner
I loved how the story started off as something readers would recognise, then leads into a realm literally out of this world. What made it such a fun read were the brightly coloured aliens and little extra touches like planets on the school bags and spaceship on the cereal box. Alien maths is a cool concept, landing this 10/10.
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Armadillo Reviews
Welcome to Alien School is fantastic fun and has all the ingredients to become a real preschool favourite.
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by TanCam
A fun read! some tricky words.... Tog-tog-de-noggle-plomp! but that is what makes it fun as my daughter just giggles. It is a lovely story as shows schools are all different (especially in space!) bright illustrations and holds my daughters attention. a lovely addition to our book collection.
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Activities and Downloads
Fancy making a Nogel mask?

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Welcome to Alien School in Turkish
Albie has travelled to Turkey!
He still has the same amazing adventures, but he's changed his name.

In turkish, Albie is called Baybars and Nogel is called Pan Pan!