Lily Rose May was a sweet little girlie
Her eyes were bright blue,
her hair was so curly
She lived with her dad
in a beautiful wood
She was kind and polite
and was usually good

She kept her room neat
and was eager to please
Until one day...

Her daddy tried feeding her PEAS!!

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Calling princes and princesses everywhere!
Lily Rose May will not eat her peas! Her dad calls the doctor who diagnoses a severe case of Princess-itis! He packs her off to live at the palace where no peas are allowed. But will Lily enjoy her new pea-free life of luxury?

There's only one way to find out!

The Princess and the Peas has won the Oldham Brilliant Books Award 2013!
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It was also shortlisted for the Stockport Children's Book Awards which is a great honour!

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The Princess and the Peas is also available in the following languages:
Catalan, Chinese (complex), Chinese (simplified), Danish, Dutch, German, Greek, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and US English

Library Mice
"Don't be fooled by the pinkness of this wonderful new offering from Library Mice household favourite Caryl Hart. There might be a princess in there, but her "happy ever after" is not one that one might expect from a girly fairy-tale. In fact, it is quite the contrary, and it is quite refreshing to see."
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"This light-hearted take on a favourite fairy-story is certain to charm adults and children alike. Sarah Warburton's gorgeously stylish illustrations are full of funny details and mischevious touches; especially worthy of note are the bright green endpapers, scribbled with pea-themed illustrations and even a few pea recipes to try. Presented in a lovely large hardback format, which is perfect for small hands to grasp, The Princess and the Peas is a delightful book for young princess enthusiasts, and also offers a great fun way to help persuade even the fussiest eaters to try something new."
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Parents in Touch
A beautifully told cautionary tale that will be welcomed by parents of fussy daughters! Sarah Warburton's lively pictures are really entertaining and full of detail.
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There is too much to love in this story: the lyrical rhyming, the fun and funny story, the encouragement to eat what you're given, the pro-books imagery everywhere, the moral that for most children, home is the best place to be and celebrity isn't all it may seem... Maybe I read too much into it but I love, love, love what this book says to me! As for my daughters (aged 3 and 5), they love the book for its funny story, for its beautiful illustrations, for all the details they can pick out.
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Story Snug
We love reading this hilarious, rhyming story which also includes a short retelling of the traditional fairy tale, The Princess and the Pea. The text is easy to read and Sarah Warburton’s pictures are beautiful, Lily-Rose Mae is cute and adorable (but not pink and princessy). The colourful, mini pictures move the story along and help the young reader to retell the story in their own words. In contrast the doctor’s cautionary retelling of the original fairy tale is a block of text illustrated with dark, black and white pictures.

The Princess and the Peas encouraged my daughter to eat peas after a long time refusing to, now she’s also asking me to make pea muffins!
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Read it Daddy
This is a fantastically funny and very appealing reworking of "The Princess and the Pea" which Charlotte has demanded daily since it arrived. It could be a lot to do with Lily Rose May's name, it could be a lot to do with that absolutely stunning pink cover, but it's mostly to do with it being a brilliant book beautifully written and divinely illustrated. The audio enhancement is the icing on the cake (and we've already crowed (ha ha) about what a great idea Nosy Crow have come up with there). "The Princess and the Peas" definitely deserves a place in your pea-dodging princess' book collection!

Charlotte's best bit: The beautiful beautiful dresses and shoes that Lily-Rose May gets to wear at the palace (girls, honestly!)
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by nerocat-from-bristol
y I really enjoyed the father-daughter relationship of the main characters. Its nice to see this relationship depicted so positively. There is plenty of humour in the book: some for the children and a bit for the adults... It breaks down the stereotyped view of what it is to be a princess and the girl in the story ends choosing her happy, 'real' life. Refreshing!
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by Stardust
This is a very pink book but my 4 year old son enjoys it just as much as my 4 year old daughter!
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James - via Goodreads
...a breath of fresh air...very funny with a good story that holds up for ten and counting consecutive nights. Brilliant!
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Scottsdale Public Library - via Goodreads
A great story for all children, (especially little girls who love princesses) and parents of picky eaters!
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Karla via The Book People
We were stuck in a huge check-in queue at the airport 2 weeks ago and had the [three Princess] books with us. I started reading The Princess an the Peas to my daughter and 4 other kids gathered around and listened to the book. A big success. Highly recommended.

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