Albie loves swimming, but swimming with PIRATES is something else entirely!

In this fast-moving adventure, Albie goes hunting for treasure in a shark shaped submarine with a gang of swashbucking "steam punk" pirates. They meet Mabel the sea monster, a giant octopus and a sneezing boulders.

Will they find the treasure? Get your waterwings on and plunge in to find out!

The Sun
A great book for little 'uns.

Awfully Big Reviews
Plunge Into The Pirate Pool is the fourth picture book offering from Caryl Hart and Ed Eaves to feature the adorable Albie and the fun just keeps on coming.
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Read it Daddy!
We loved Ed's "Steampunky" pirates and their fantastic Shark-shaped sub.
Charlotte's best bit: The girl pirate and the fabulous treasure.
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Sarah's Book Reviews
The story is the perfect length to share at story time or bed time. It is accompanied by some beautiful illustrations which the children will love and depict the story perfectly.
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Early Learning Centre
Quick Facts: Filled with wonderful characters
Bright and colourful illustrations
A fun and witty story
Suitable for children over 36 months

Anita Ismay via Amazon
My son loves this book, it has everything from Octopuses, Sharks and Pirates. Great to help little children's imagination develop.

Nad via Amazon
Yet another brilliant book by Caryl Hart and Ed Eaves
This is the 4th book about Albie and his adventures. My daughter loves them. We read them again and again. The illustrations are bright and the stories entertaining. Plunge into the Pirate Pool didn't disappoint. If you haven't tried these books then you are missing a treat!

K. Crockett via Amazon
fun, colourful and easy to read.