I woke up this morning and what did I see?
A white whiskered rat looking straight back at me!
With scratchy pink paws and a pointy pink nose
It was dressed in some raggedy baggy old clothes
When suddenly SQUEAK! It jumped over my toes!

A True Story (sort-of)
I wrote Catch That Rat when my eldest daughter was ten.

One day, some boys from our village knocked on our door to ask if we'd lost a pet rat. They said that Bob up the road had found a white rat in his garden, and they were trying to catch it. The postman, whose name was Jason, had emptied his post sack out and tried to catch the rat with it (I swear this is true!!). All to no avail.

So my daughter, being the girl she is, said, "I'll catch it!" She grabbed a fishing net and ran off up the road.

"You'll never catch a rat like that!" I shouted after her.

But,of course, she did!

She called it Pinkie, and Jason the postman took it home to look after. But Pinkie didn't like Jason much because she bit him! Eventually we found Pinkie's real owners and she was returned home safe and sound.

I thought this was such a funny story that I HAD to write a book about it. I do admit that some of it is a little bit made up. See if you can guess which bits!

World of Children's Books
It's great to read a picture book that builds and builds momentum, taking children on an exciting trip before giving them a different ending than that which they were expecting. There’s the wonderful refrain of the title throughout, which is perfect to read to children as they love to join in - I'm always on the lookout for stories that the children can join in with for Storytime at the library, and this is going to be perfect for it.
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