Once upon a time, there was a happy little fox. She lived in a huge posh house with fancy wallpaper and chandeliers and proper family portraits in on the wall. She spent her days eating sugared almonds and having tantrums when she didn’t get her own way. She had the sort of childhood that you and I could only dream about.

And when she grew up, Foxy DuBois spent her time buying shoes and going to flashy parties and having even bigger tantrums when she didn’t get her own way, even though she was far too old to be throwing herself on the floor and kicking her skinny little legs.

But then one day, her life changed. And not for the better. Because on that day, she met Alphonso.

Do you remember being born? Well no. Of course you don’t. But you know that you were born right? Well Alphonso Alligator was not born. Oh no. He hatched. From an EGG! And when he arrived in the world he had nobody to love him or coochy-coo him or buy him cute little jumpers with rabbits on. In fact, the first person Alphonso saw was Foxy Dubois and she didn’t want to chub his cheeky chops or bounce him up and down on her knee. No. She wanted to EAT him!

Luckily for Alphonso, Foxy’s plan to get rid of him well and truly backfired, because as it turned out, Alphonso was big. And mean. And had very, very sharp teeth!

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The Guardian Best New Children's Books Summer 2014
Alex's fantastic illustrations bring this great caper to life, a brilliant new series for newly confident readers.

Children's Bookseller
Comedy geniuses Smith and Hart collaborate for a crazy new series... aimed at developing

Isla Dawes, The Guardian
Alex's fantastic illustrations bring this great caper to life, a brilliant new series for newly
confident readers.

Primary Times
Chaos prevails in this very funny story... perfect for those beginning to gain confidence in
their reading.

The Independent best stories for readers aged three to twelve
[Reviewing The Road to Fame and Fortune - the second book in the series]
For readers aged around age seven, Caryl Hart’s [The Road to Fame and Fortune] (Hachette, £4.99 paperback) is the next instalment of her successful “Foxy Tales” series. Wildly illustrated on every page by Alex Smith, early reading is made highly enjoyable as greedy alligator Alphonso continues to give his unwilling landlady Foxy DuBois her usual bad time.
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The Book Sniffer
Foxy Tales are smart books for ubercucumbercool kids, packed with delightfulness, devious critters and a belly aching laughs on every page. Not to be missed.
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The Bookbag
The illustrations are wonderful... full of comic touches and lots of detail... great fun.
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Read it Daddy!
A really rollickingly good start to a new book series that's absolutely bound to become a huge hit. Foxy and Alphonse, destined for greatness!
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Library Mice
Packed full of wacky situations, slapstick humour, outrageous plans and ludicrous behaviour from baddies you love to hate, The Cunning Plan will keep young readers entertained till the very last page.
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Picturebooks Blogger
I have a real bookworm here and as I suspected, she pounced on this book when she spotted it on the kitchen table. I didn’t get a look in! The whole book was devoured in one sitting. THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is just how good she thought it was.
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English 4-11
Fast-paced, funny and with the marvellous illustrations one would expect from Smith... an
entertaining and recommended read for the infant age group.
Watch out for more Foxy Tales coming soon!