Albie's visit to the library quickly turns into an amazing adventure when he makes a new friend amongst the bookshelves.

Sir Clinkety-Clank, a brave knight, sets off with Albie on a daring quest where they meet a bear, a troll and a mysterious many-headed monster.

Will they manage to catch a dragon? You'll have to read the story to find out!

Waitrose Supplier Conference Best Children's Book of the Year
Not a formal award but lovely, nevertheless!
Rhino Reads
My favourite book from the series (so far!) A female troll - much rarer than you’d think - a lovely range of race and a celebration of libraries! “Nobody could EVER be bored in a library”. Brilliant!

Share these books with a classroom of children and they won’t notice that there’s a female pirate or that there are different skin colours on show. They will be too involved in the story and the excitement of the illustrations. But those characters are there and they will be seen without being noticed. And that is a wonderful thing.
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Serendipidy Reviews
This book is bursting with detailed and highly colourful illustrations. There are a couple of picture clues to spot which might help you guess what's coming next and the troll's slightly bonkers language is brilliant. A fun book for young children.
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Ian Gooding via Amazon
Albie! Another in the series after Supermarket Zoo. I'm beginning to suspect that Albie loves to day dream, but that's not the point. Gorgeous pictures, a familiar format yet really fun, and with the occasional more grown up humour to keep us oldies entertained. I love all the books in this series.
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Norma via Amazon
My grandaughter loves Caryl Hart's books, this one was no exception - the only problem, as far as she is concerned is that new ones don't come out fast enough.
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