When Foxy DuBois meets Enzo Ravioli, she knows for sure that he is her key to a rich and happy life. A life of movie stars and swanky parties and fizzy lemonade. What's more, she's going to meet her all-time hero Ebenezer Jones! All she has to do is sneak away in the dead of night and she'll be able to leave all her troubles behind.

Unfortunately for Foxy, Alphonso the Aligator gets wind of her plan, threatening to ruin everything. Foxy cleverly turns the situation to her advantage by tricking Alphonso into becoming a Stunt Alligator. Little does she know that the infuriating reptile will get the better of her once again.

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The Independent best stories for readers aged three to twelve
For readers aged around age seven, Caryl Hart’s [The Road to Fame and Fortune] (Hachette, £4.99 paperback) is the next instalment of her successful “Foxy Tales” series. Wildly illustrated on every page by Alex Smith, early reading is made highly enjoyable as greedy alligator Alphonso continues to give his unwilling landlady Foxy DuBois her usual bad time.
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Manchester Evening News - Children's Book of the Week 1 July 2014
Smith has come up trumps again with the creation of Foxy and Alphonso, while Hart's story is fast-paced and easy to read. There's a laugh on every page and it is ideal for younger readers who want to move to longer stories without getting bogged down in chapters. Children will undoubtedly adore the sheer daftness of the story as well as the inevitable wind and warty bottom jokes.

The Independent on Sunday
Ingenious black and white illustrations provided by Alex T Smith... a lot of fun.

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Snortingly funny and a great example of a transitional book for kids like Charlotte looking for something a bit longer than the norm, but not as wordy as a chapter reader. Once again, Foxy and Alphonso are a huge hit and we'll be looking forward to that third book!
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… an amusing story with striking illustrations. The overall book design is very stylish. Great
fun. * * * *

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