There was a wolf called Wilson
Who stayed up late at night
He played with all his toys
Until the early morning light

He practised on his saxophone
He strummed his blue guitar
He sang and banged his big bass drum
Just like a superstar!

Whiffy Wilson does NOT want to go to bed! He is far too busy lining up his cars and building a fort and doing magic tricks.

One night while he is howling at the moon, Dotty bursts into his bedroom to ask him to be quiet. She then shows him that bedtimes can be a lot of fun. When Whiffy Wilson has had his bath, a bedtime snack and some lovely stories, he falls fast asleep! And in the morning he has a special thank-you surprise for his best friend Dotty.
Red Reading Hub
A fun rhyming story to share at bedtime...particularly with those youngsters who, like Wilson, come up with all manner of delaying tactics when it comes to getting ready for bed.
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Humorous illustrations and irresistible rhymes make this charming story an instant favorite for children who may feel just like Whiffy and who need reassurance that bedtime is as fun and special as it is important and necessary.
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Mrs Capricorn via Amazon
Haven't reviewed anything before but my boys love this book so much I had to review it. If you're looking for a great kid's story which they keep asking to read again and again you can't do better than this one.
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ManicOrlando1980 via Amazon
This book is brilliant. I read it to my Year 1 class (30 x 5-6 year old children) today and they totally loved it... as did I. The story is hilarious, it's rhyming and the illustrations are great. Therefore, the children laughed, enjoyed predicting the next rhyming word and looking at and discussing the pictures - Brilliant!
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