A little princess lived
inside a little tiny house
Her servant was a tabby cat,
her butler was a mouse
Her father made the porridge
and her mother chopped the wood
And Princess Sophie rode her bike,
like every princess should.

In the yard behind the shed,
a magic beanstalk grew
A giant lived up at the top
(as giants often do)
At night the giant's stomping
made the people sob and shake
"That selfish giant!" Sophie scowled.
"He's keeping me awake!"

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Princess Sophie has a beanstalk in her back garden, and at the top lives a very grumpy, very noisy giant. His stomping and shouting are keeping everyone awake. But Princess Sophie is not going to sit by and let it happen, she packs up her backpack and scrambles up the beanstalk in an attempt to sort the giant out. But things are not quite as she expects.
The Princess and the Giant won the Geoffrey Trease Prize for Children's Writing - a rarely-given discretionary award as part of the East Midland Book Awards.

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Kirkus Reviews
In addition to her refreshing twist on “Jack and the Beanstalk,” Hart also reverses traditional gender roles: the king cooks, and the queen chops wood. Young readers may not notice, but adults will appreciate the shift. Warburton’s bright mixed-media artwork provides a playful stage for Sophie’s colossal adventure.
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Booklover Jo
This book is fantastic it’s great to see a feisty brave girl in a fairytale who doesn’t need to be rescued. It fills me with happiness to see that it is something as simple as sharing a bedtime story and learning to read which creates the happy ending. With the beautifully detailed illustrations by Sarah Warburton which ensure this book becomes a truly marvellous sight to behold and Caryl Hart’s imaginative storytelling. I’m not sure there is much more you could wish for in a picture book. Read the full review

Red Reading Hub
I love pretty much everything about this book. Gorgeous illustrations absolutely packed with delicious details , and superb storytelling - what more can one want?
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Rebecca Bagley
In conjunction with endearing, curious characters, Hart’s poetry is frankly, a delight....Let’s face it, the quality of kids books in recent years has been leaping into entirely new realms. From insane print quality values (may the designers among us take a moment to drool over the delicate cover foil here) to cunning split narratives that speak to the big-uns just as much as the little-uns, Warburton and Hart are far from sole talents in pioneering this comically subversive, contemporary and reactionary tone. But what they’ve done, they’ve done pretty darn well.
"https://bagleyart.com/2016/04/21/book-club-review-the-princess-and-the-giant/" TARGET=_BLANK>Read the full review

Stardust via Toppsta
Nicely written and we loved the illustrations - particularly the picture on the Giant's wall of him as a giant baby!
"https://toppsta.com/books/details/princess-and-the-giant#reviews" TARGET=_BLANK>Read the full review

Julie Ballard via Amazon
Another sure fire winner by author Caryl Hart and illustrator Sarah Warburton

Loz via Amazon
A fantastic book. Witty and clever with awesome rhyming and story idea. A decent length too meaning the storyline has a bit of extra depth. Can't recommend it enough along with the Princess and the Pea title which is also excellent. I'll be getting the other Caryl Hart book in the series now too. Top marks to Nosy Crow.

Lilyb via Amazon
A great story and the rhythm of the rhymes is fantastic. The illustrations are beautiful with lots of fun things to spot. Highly recommended!

Perkins via Amazon
Amazing illustration
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