Nell Henry and Freddie Spoon are The Invincibles. That means they can not be defeated! The Piglet Pickle and The Hamster Rescue are the first two books in this brand new highly-illustrated series for 6-10 year olds. Watch out for more crazy adventures coming soon.

The Piglet Pickle
It wasn't really my fault. And you can't really go blaming Freddie Spoon either. He was trying to be a hero. When Freddie Spoon tells Nell he's got her a present at the end of their school trip, Nell isn't quite sure whether she's going to like it or not. Especially as the last present Freddie Spoon gave her was a dried up toad he'd peeled up off the road. So when Freddie Spoon opens his bag, a teeny tiny bit, Nell thinks they are in REALLY BIG TROUBLE! That is, until Freddie Spoon explains what heroes they are. Will he turn out to be right? You'll have to read the book to find out!

The Hamster Rescue
It's Freddie Spoon's birthday and he's having a party. Only Nell is so astounded to be invited to Lucy Perkins's party that she has has gone and said Yes, even though it's on the SAME DAY as Freddie Spoon's. And what do you give a girl like Lucy Perkins anyway? Nell bakes some special biscuits but things go from bad to worse when her hamster escapes and she discovers the true identity of the band Lucy's mum has hired to entertain her little guests. How will Nell survive and what happens to Freddie Spoon? All will be revealed in this funny story bursting with brilliant illustrations.

Pippa Wilson via Goodreads
This first book in a new series for readers aged 5-8 will keep you entertained from cover to cover. The Piglet Pickle neatly captures the tension between siblings and friendships, and the logic of kids versus the logic of adults. It's full of action and fun, and delightfully illustrated. I will definitely be reading the others in the series.
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My Book Corner
The Piglet Pickle is a gorgeous new chapter book, just perfect for emerging readers.
Written from Nell's point of view The Invincibles: The Piglet Pickle is a great tale, full of gentle twists and attention grabbing moments. Sarah Warburton's illustrations are equally lively adding to the madcap adventure that Nell and Freddie find themselves caught up in. Together they make a great duo ... the best news that another adventure is round the corner.
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Book Lover Jo
Caryl has created a truly engaging story which will delight newly confident readers, it made me laugh and smile in equal measures. The contrast between the really subtle humour and the properly laugh out loud moment is really enjoyable. There is so much to discover within the story that it is perfect to read over and over again. Sarah’s illustrations are gorgeous and incredibly witty capturing the chaos and charm of Nell’s family. A truly brilliant collaboration I can’t recommend it enough!
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