Prince George was the nicest of children
He was clever and funny and happy
He toddled around the royal palace
Dressed up in his crown and his nappy

Prince George wants to go on adventures
But his smart shiny armour's too tight
He'll have to start using his potty
He just has to make it work right...

Prince George wants to go on adventures and march with the soldiers and catch dragons. But his nappy keeps getting in the way. Bravely, he decides to use the royal potty, but try as he might, he just can't work the daft thing.

Luckily, his dad the King is on hand to help, with patience and tenderness.

Watch out for a fab second story coming soon!

Love Reading for Kids
From the bestselling, award-winning author of The Princess and the Peas comes the perfect potty training book for little princes and princesses everywhere. Prince George wants to go on adventures, but his nappy keeps getting in the way! It must be time for the prince to use the Royal Potty. But will George ever get the hang of it? This royally funny rhyming adventure will help little ones discover that life without nappies is fun!
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Telegraph Bookshop
A royally funny potty-training romp from the author of the bestselling The Princess and the Peas.

Red Reading Hub
Caryl Hart’s right royal rhyme in combination with Laura Ellen Anderson’s exuberant scenes make for a romping good read.
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