Albie's room has to tidy his room, but he's just looking for the last jigsaw piece when WHOOSH! Someone snatches it and dives into the wardrobe. Without thinking, Albie follows and finds himself falling through the sky, far above a busy city!

Luckily a flying girl called Scoot catches him and together the meet The Collector. She wants Albie's jigsaw piece to make her Flying Game Grabber work and then she plans to steal all the toys in the world! Can Albie and his new superhero friends stop her? And will he manage to tidy his bedroom before Mum's timer rings??

A full-on super-hero adventure with lots of chances to join in!

The Bookbag
The authors have created a wonderful character: a normal boy just like those children who are listening every night, who goes on the most exciting adventures. Albie really becomes a hero to children and in this latest release, Albie becomes a super hero to them.
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Being Mrs C
Master C loved having a new Albie adventure to enjoy and seemed particularly excited to realise that Albie hangs round with both superhero and pirates! Caryl Hart’s story is brought to life by Ed Eaves bright illustrations and I can see this being another firm favourite in hour house. Meanwhile I was just secretly pleased to see girls cast in the roles of both superhero and villain!

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Fiona Sharp via Waterstones
“Hang on tight”
A great adventure with lovely bright illustrations!
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Activities and Downloads
Take me to the Superhero Activities
Take me to the Superhero Activities
There are LOADS of fabulous How to Save a Superhero activities for you to have a go at. Just visit the downloads page and follow the instructions!

Here are some pictures of Caryl running How to Save a Superhero workshops.