Knock Knock!
Who's at the door?
Woah! One real live dinosaur!

He smiles at me
He waves his claw

I say "Hi,"
and he says...

It's fun to find a T-Rex on your doorstep, but when all 54 of his friends arrive, it's time to panic!

This playful dinosaur counting book is jam-packed with chaos and silliness and is great fun to read out loud.

Fantabulously illustrated by the super-talented and oh-so-fresh Nick East, this uber-stylish book is bursting with dinosaur fun on every page.

There are dinosaurs EVERYWHERE!

Watch out for more Knock Knock titles coming soon...
Picture Book Challenge
This is such a bright, colourful, and fun story that it's impossible not to get swept away in the little boy's panic as he realises his mother will soon be home. If you want stories that involve fantastical beasts, Caryl Hart really should be your go-to picture book author!
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