Princess and the Giant Activities
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Can you draw a giant? Is he fierce or kind - or a bit of both?
The_Princess_and_the_Giant_activity_sheet.pdf, 3416
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Why is the giant cross?
The_Princess_and_the_Giant_Cross_Giant_activity_sheet.pdf, 4112
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Why can't the giant sleep?
The_Princess_and_the_Giant_Sleep_activity_sheet.pdf, 1146
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Can you think of six things the giant needs to help him sleep? Colour in the beanstalk and add some birds and bugs too if you like!
BeanstalkSleepPlusTxt2.jpg, 813
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Why is this giant cross? Perhaps he can't sleep, or perhaps something else is bothering him! Draw or write would you would put in your backpack to help him feel better.
GiantCrossWithText2.jpg, 891
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