Whiffy Wilson Activities
Click on the little pdf icon thingies to download these activities, then print them out and have fun!
Where do Pongs and Germs Lurk?
Pongs_Germs.pdf, 2938
Download (2938k)
Write some Washday Instructions for Whiffy!
WhiffyWashday2.pdf, 2750
Download (2750k)
Design Your Own Germ!
WhiffyGerm.pdf, 2188
Download (2188k)
Spot the Difference!
Whiffy_Spot_Difference.pdf, 1932
Download (1932k)
Colouring In
Whiffy_Colour.pdf, 1563
Download (1563k)
Help Whiffy Wilson find the Soap!
Whiffy_Maze.pdf, 1697
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Get Whiffy Wilson Dressed!
Here's a lovely activity designed by staff at Hillsborough Library in Sheffield. Print it out then cut out the shapes and get Whiffy Wilson dressed. What will he wear today?
Whiffy_Wilson_Dressed_HillsboroughLib.pdf, 2521
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